“Yoga not only made me a yogi. but it made me a climber. the practice of pratyahara settled my mind, and through pranayama techniques i lost the fear. by loosing the fear, the confidence came … what once scared the utter crap out of me is now meditation. i’m so thankful for yoga for giving me this gift. Thank you Jaime Sanchez for your teaching. ♥ ” Trina, 2012

“This is the FRIST thing I saw upon going to facebook this morning and the FIRST day of my yoga classes. Love you Jaime Sanchez. Thank you for all you have done for me and many others” Felicia, 2013

“Thank you for all of your guidance and the lessons I have learned from you. Love, OM”
Danna, 2012

“Jaime: I feel Blessed to have met you and I hope we stay in touch. You are an Amazing man who has changed my life for the better! Keep inspiring others and you’ll change the world. Peace, Love, light, Namaste”, Lauren, 2012

“Jaime: Words cannot describe the gratitude I feel having been able to take this course and having it taught by you” Karen, 2012

“Jaime: when we first met you told me this program would change my life. You are true to your word. This program has meant more to me than my Bachelors and Master degree combined. I cannot thank you enough”. Erika, 2012

“Thank you for your leadership, insight & sharing all your knowledge” Bob,  2013

“Thank you for this amazing journey! You have gently taken my hand and led me on my way – lets stay connected and continue this journey! Peace & Love” Diane, 2013

“You and the Yoga program have enriched my life beyond words and I want to continue to learn. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience, you are a beautiful person. Namaste” Teresa, 2015

“Hello Dr. Jaime. I simply feel like expressing my deep gratitude and appreciation for having the chance to experience this YTT process. I am truly blessed to be under your guidance, and to experience this incredible journey. When I first started, I thought it would be too much of a commitment and that I wouldn’t be able to stick it through. Now with just two months left, it saddens me to think that I am nearing the end of this training process already. It’s been life altering. I am NOT even the same person I was two months ago, let alone 8 months ago. The YTT training has taught me how to live in the present. In doing so, I can’t wait to see where this incredible journey takes me and what my path will be to my future. Namaste” Sally, 2015

“Hi Dr. Jaime – Just wanted to take a moment to thank you and express my gratitude. I appreciate that it is not easy to manage the diverse personalities of our large group. Your patience, and respectful and gentle ways serve as an example to all of us. I truly appreciated your former students, and experts in their fields, presenting to us this weekend. Their admiration of you, and their appreciation and passion for yoga was so evident. They both espoused and embodied the principles of yoga that I hope to bring to my practice, and in my life. For me – their love, compassion, feeling of abundance, confidence, gratitude and graciousness were inspiring. They also tempered their presentations by noting that training, discipline and setting realistic expectations goals are all key elements to being impactful, and that we all have a responsibility to one another. I’m still assimilating the lessons, but I truly appreciate the introductions. Kindest personal regards. Namaste and blessings.”

Jaime Sanchez Yoga classes: every Tuesday 7:30 to 8:30 pm at 10073 Manchester Rd. Suite 101. St. Louis MO 63122

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